OMEGA ENGINEERING Pressure Products Boast Fast Turnaround Times Amid Global Supply Chain Delays

Supply Chain Under Pressure? Turn to OMEGA to Meet Pressure Needs

For six decades, OMEGA ENGINEERING has proven itself time and time again as a reliable provider of state-of-the-art products and innovative solutions — a proven leader in the international technical marketplace.  

And today is no different. 

While many industrial pressure sensor manufacturers are experiencing significant supply chain delays, OMEGA's pressure inventory features incredibly short lead times. Many OMEGA products — including sensors, transducers, gauges, switches, and load cells — are in stock and are ready to be shipped immediately, while highly configurable and customizable options typically ship in less than two weeks.  

Most of OMEGA's pressure products — including the popular PX409 and PX309 pressure transducers — are made in the United States in its facility in Sunbury, Ohio. This facility, through the hard work of the team, has become more aggressive in increasing additional inventory. "The team has worked hard to ensure we have a robust supply chain that is stronger than ever. We take pride in being reliable and maintaining short lead times," says Autumn Edwards, the Pressure and Force Product Manager at OMEGA ENGINEERING. "We make it a priority to continuously strengthen our supply chain so that we can continue to provide the short lead times that our customers count on us for."  

Meeting the demands of its customers is something OMEGA has been doing successfully for over half a century. In the instability of today's world, OMEGA remains a reliable constant — and OMEGA will continue to commit itself to doing whatever is necessary to provide the absolute best possible experience for its customers.  

About OMEGA:

Founded in 1962 to manufacture a single thermocouple line, OMEGA has grown into a leading international, integrated, single-source supplier of highly engineered products and customized solutions for the industrial processing, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical, medical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage markets. With over 700 employees, operations at OMEGA include research and development, engineering and manufacturing, calibration, sales, marketing, distribution, expert technical support, and customer service. OMEGA designs and manufactures more than 100,000 state-of-the-art, innovative products for the measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity.

Source: Omega Engineering, Inc.


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