The Montreal-Based Student-Led Group Will Use OMEGA Products to Design and Build Sounding Rockets

ORONOS POLYTECHNIQUE Student Sounding Rocket Team

OMEGA ENGINEERING, a leader in the technical marketplace and producer of over 100,000 innovative products, is proud to announce its Silver-Level sponsorship of ORONOS POLYTECHNIQUE MONTREAL. Founded in 2010, and based out of Montreal, ORONOS specializes in the design and building of sounding rockets. ORONOS is made up of the world's future engineers: membership includes over 60 students majoring in aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, computer programming, software, and chemical engineering. ORONOS provides its members with opportunities to apply in-class theory to real-world applications. 

As a silver-level sponsor, OMEGA ENGINEERING has donated several of their American-made, state-of-the-art products to be used to help ORONOS meet their 2022 objectives, including Pressure Transducers, Pressure Snubbers (which protect against pressure surges), and Load Cells.  

"Our team at OMEGA ENGINEERING is excited to support a group, such as ORONOS, that encourages STEM education and putting young people in contact with STEM activities," says Nicole Quinzi, Commercial Marketing Manager at OMEGA ENGINEERING. "All of the engineers here at OMEGA can think of the experiences they had as students that led them to love STEM and pursue a career in engineering. Being able to contribute to building the next generation's love for STEM education is something we all love to do. We can't wait to see what the ORONOS team can do with our products." 

With its sponsorship of ORONOS, OMEGA ENGINEERING continues its efforts in supporting and encouraging access and interest in STEM education all around the globe. This sponsorship and donation contribution has been made with the intent of helping the success of this innovative and trailblazing student design team.  

About OMEGA: Founded in 1962 to manufacture a single thermocouple line, OMEGA ENGINEERING has grown into a leading international, integrated, single-source supplier of highly engineered products and customized solutions for the industrial processing, aerospace, chemical and petrochemical, medical and pharmaceutical, and food and beverage markets. With over 700 employees, operations at OMEGA include research and development, engineering and manufacturing, calibration, sales, marketing, distribution, expert technical support, and customer service. OMEGA designs and manufactures more than 165,000 state-of-the-art, innovative products for the measurement and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, strain, force, flow, level, pH, and conductivity.

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